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"Of course we can store excess water in dams, but really where we want to put it, because of such high evaporation rates is in the soils."

David Spicer

Laurent Project, Morocco 2015


This photo was taken during the mainframe earthworks installation November 2015, the highest swale line is the backbone of the design with a crossing dam in the central valley of the site taking water from one watershed to another and as you can see we don’t want to let that water go once we have it.


After David returned from Morocco Geoff and the PRI team did up a short video about the project and the video will give readers some background on the project and a base line of where it started.


You can watch the Laurent Morocco Project 2015 VIDEO Here


David has been keeping in contact with the site owner, Laurent Levy who is doing a great job of the follow up planting at the site where the earthworks occurred and overall development of the site into an eco-tourism retreat being situated only 1.5 hours’ drive from Casablanca in Morocco.

The earthworks have progressed nicely and you can click on the link below to see a series of photos of when we were installing the earthworks and after the first decent rains of the season. Keep in mind the site receives 250mm (9.8 inches) of rain per year and like a lot of dry-lands it falls in about 3 events in mid-winter. Systems need to be in place to catch and store as much water as possible and this has been achieved with 2 out 3 dams being fully charged and the last filling at the bottom of the rain system.


More Projects can be found by clicking on the videos below.


For a Consultation

Level sill spillway introduction and install
David Spicer

Level sill spillway introduction and install

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