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Simple is beautiful, Leaky Weirs are that

Leaky Weirs

I cant swim, but I’ve been fascinated by water all my life and have learnt water harvesting and storage design and installation from some of the permaculture greats bio here.


Leaky Weir
rocks placed to hold back the water forming a leaky weir

In a recent article here about, one of my jobs in Western Australia where I constructed a series of ponds forming a wetland, I also had the opportunity of doing some work on the seasonal creek, I advised to the client to install a series of Leaky Weirs based off Peter Andrews Natural Sequence Farming concept for water course restoration. For me, it was a great privilege to try my hand at this important work, I’ve done this work in Morocco on a few sites, using different forms depending on landscape and situation see the photos below.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to take on the larger water shed restoration work,

I did my best to document the work and have put together a short video of the process, I am a great believer that permaculture design system is a wardrobe and we just import the technique and strategies we need for the overall design.


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