"Broad-acre permaculture farm design and earthworks are often the first step to start the restoration process, it's what frames the site creating maximum edge for production access and water management."
David Spicer

Site Specific Earthworks can include

Permaculture earthworks example the swale
Back-flood Swales

To harvest and soak water into the landscape

Permaculture earthworks dam repair

Dam Retrofits

Repairing dam walls and spillways while increasing volumes and creating more habitat for wildlife

Permaculture earthworks

Building Sites

With a difference creating earth-berms for wind and sun protection

Natural swiming pool construction

Building New Dams

Giving site high water for irrigation systems or access across a valley or wet area

Permaculture earthworks


Passive level sill spillway to create a very gentle exit for water

Permaculture earthworks roads

Internal Roads

For your site that acts as water harvesters to a dam or a series of dams

Water shed restoration with permaculture earthworks

Terracing or Benching

For gardens or tree systems on difficult sites

 Dam retro-fit, number 3 on this site in Tyalgum NSW Austraila increasing it's productive edge