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We Focus On

Incorporating sound ecological practices like Holistic Managment, Restoration Agriculture, Soil-Biology, Agro-ecology, bio-intensive gardening, forestry management, project establishment, they're some of the concepts and practices the Doc bring's to the consultancy.

Internal roads and paths

Good design can save a lot of money in the maintenance of a road over its lifetime.

Roads in general shed 85% of the rain that falls on them.

It is often a problem but not to us!

It is a resource to be harvested and stored

Site sector analysis
Summer sun / Winter sun Angles

Hot & cold wind directions

Flood and fire potential

Prevailing winds

Cool summer breeze

The Doc's practical experience, focusing on basic design theme's that are cost-effective, affordable and flexible.

Water is Life
Our first priority is designing water security into any site

Starting with high elevation storage dams & water harvesting

Roads, swales, terraces or diversion drains soil cultivation & watershed restoration

Any sort of major structure

House, Shed/Barn, should be designed into the site with water, access and aspect in mind. Good placement makes a more energy efficient and comfortable house.

Conserving your energy

Simply placement of elements.

How far do you want to walk to pick a salad? Where should a forestry system go?

What area's should you graze?

Online Consultancy


Let us help you design your site into abundance with a main-frame design, that's practically thought out and achievable.

We understand the map is not the territory, but from our experience, we can develop a theme that fits your design brief whether it’s a homestead or broad-scale regenerative farms beyond organic.

This service includes

Main Frame Design which is covering the basics water, access, structures/houses and sheds positions, zones and sectors.

1 hour online presentation of the design with you over Skype, discussing the design options with you for the best outcome financially, socially and environmentally. 

An additional 30 minute follow up Q&A.

We provide a basic roadmap to productivity based on the Doc's extensive experience worldwide working in Regenerative Agriculture best practice.

We will need your

Property's address

Land size

Contour map

Local climate statistics

Design brief

Google Earth link

Price $750.00 AUD



Designing beyond sustainability for a regenerative future, is our priority for you and your family and communities.

Doc Spice Online Design pic

At the end of our consultancy, we provide a basic theme of design for your site. 

We want to help you step out your door into an abundance of fresh food and clean water 

by giving you good sensible ecologically advice, logically thought out as a guide.

Our design process can be initiated through topography but essentially we need to visit the site to formulate the final design. We can design for any climate having worked in the hyper-arid regions of the Jordan Dead Sea Valley and Southern Morocco to the tropics in Northern Territory Australia and New Caledonia as well as the icy landscape of the Snowy River country of Australia.

Shelter plays an important part in design and housing retrofits is something close to our hearts as we believe having a comfortable house to recoup in is the only way to be more productive and can save vast amounts of energy through heating or cooling. Most houses will benefit from retrofitting and good design around the house taking into account the sectors can give you a comfortable environment inside and out.

We provide a solution based service helping you become part of the solution, getting carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soils.

Tailoring our design service to fit your needs, from urban garden design and installation, homesteading to be self-reliant, or a commercial farm wanting to get into the carbon economy is our focus.

If starting from scratch, we can design and install the skeletal [main-frame] system for your site making sure your house site is situated in the best position from all extreme weather events; flood, fire, cold winds or hot winds, as well as placing gardens and orchards and forest gardens in relation to the house. This provides additional benefits as each design takes into account windbreaks and forestry systems your immediate climate, and in turn creating a diversity of microclimates allowing greater abundance of produce to be grown on the farm.

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