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David Spicer

The Earth Surgeon

Doc Spice
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Having taught and worked on various projects extensively within Australia and internationally, such as Morocco, Jordan, Palestine and New Caledonia, David Spicer has covered a broad array of different soil types, topography and climatic zones.

He is a master of practical and logical mainframe permaculture design which allows him to give his extensive experience of life and the cost involved to change a site.


He has majored in the design water harvesting and storage earthworks which frames all regenerative farming.


David has the distinction of being Registered Teacher #5 with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

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David Spicer (Doc Spice) grew up on the Northern edge of the beautiful Snowy Mountains in Gilmore valley, Tumut, New South Wales Australia. He led quite a self-reliant lifestyle working from a very young age in the family garden and tending the animals. David was only young when he started trapping rabbits with his father for meat and pelts, and working a lot in forestry with his father as well distilling eucalyptus oil. David also spent time cutting fence posts and mine props from the local forest which helped form part of his understanding of forestry management...       READ MORE

Doc spice in the sugar pine forest
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