Permaculture Earthworks

Earthworks Design & Installation

Doc Spice Earth Surgeon 

Doc’s your guy

Permaculture designer/excavator operator for all your earthworks needs  

The Doc [David Spicer] designs, surveys and installs all the permacultures, water harvesting and storage earthworks, dams, swales. The Doc also installs roads to harvest water to dams giving your site greater water security.

Well constructed earthworks are the bones of a well-designed site. The aim is always to hold standing water in dams as high as possible in the landscape to get gravity fed water for gardens, trees and livestock while hydrating the broader landscape benefiting the local water cycles

For broad-acre permaculture farms, earthworks are the first step to start in design implementation, its what frames the site giving borders to work to and from.



Dam retrofits: repairing dam’s walls and spillways while increasing volumes and creating more habitat for wildlife.

Spillways: passive level sill spillway to create a very gentle exit for water

Back-flood swales: to harvest and soak water in the landscape

Building sites: with a difference creating earth-berms for wind and sun protection

Building new dams: giving a site high water for irrigation systems or access across a valley or wet areas

Internal roads: for your site that acts as water harvesters to a dam or a series of dams

Terracing or benching: for gardens or tree systems on difficult sites


David Spicer has earned the name Doc Spice

For his ability to see the form in landscape and how best to passively harvest and store water in the landscape with often simple earth surgery techniques and strategies. The all in one designer and operator has years of experience in operating machines and working with earth movers. Having grown up around the earth-moving industry gives him a distinctive edge installing earthworks in very different climates from the Arid to the Wet/Dry tropics which has given David a wide range of experiences to draw on.

Water Harvesting road
Crossing dam
dryland restoration
Morocco water Harvesting
dam retro fit
level-sill spillway
New Caledonia earthworks


Crossing dam, check up 12 months on from installation

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