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 What is the difference with a Doc Spice Permaculture design consultancy you may ask. We focus on mainframe practical and cost-effective design starting with water, access, structures, zones and sectors. We are always refining our design approach to keep up with worlds best practices.

Water is life, our aim is to harvest water as high in the landscape as possible holding it up for as long as possible, the cheap way is in soils but we can take the surplus and direct it to storages via swales or diversion drains to dams giving you FREE gravity feed water to your site’s infrastructure for gardens, orchards, stock watering troughs, fire protection for your house via sprinklers on your rooftops.

Access is for us dictated by water, access/roads are a great addition to water harvesting when designed into the system with good design we can reduce maintenance cost right down with smart design in your access, it can be a great fire break or even drain cold air away for your house site etc.

Structures of any sort should be designed into the site with water and access in mind or be a great addition to winds breaks or microclimates.

Zones is basically an energy audit, correct placement of elements e.g home gardens, food forest, animal systems etc. Makes it more user-friendly less time spent in getting to and from an element or what we use or interact with the most needs to be closest to our homes.

Sectors you want it or you don’t. we want the cool summer breeze we don’t want the cold winter winds, we want to protect the site from a fire sector we want the winter sun but we don’t want the hot summer sun these are quite simple to design into a site or excluded.

We can design for any climate Having worked in the hyper-arid of the Jordan dead sea valley and southern Morocco to the tropics in Northern Territory New Caledonian and the snowy mountains of Australia.

Housing retrofits is something close to our hearts as we believe having a comfortable house to recoup in is very important to be more productive and saves huge amounts of energy heating or cooling and unfortunately most houses are in serious need a retrofitting this couples with good design around the house taking into account the sectors can give you a comfortable environment inside and out.

We provide a solution based service helping you become part of the solution getting carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soils.

Tailoring our service to fit your needs, from urban garden design and installation, homesteading to be self-reliant, or a commercial farm wanting to get into the carbon economy.


We consult on the basic’s and believe getting the bones of the system right, it is the most important. We don’t waste your money with extravagant design, we believe every site evolves demonstrating its evolution and purely focus on the mainframe, giving you a base map to start your system, knowing as the site develops there will be no major changes in the mainframe work of your site.

We can design and install the skeletal [mainframe] system for your site making sure your house site is situated in the best position from all extreme weather events flood, fire, cold winds or hot winds, place gardens and orchards/forest gardens to in relation to the house and each other design in windbreaks and forestry systems to enhance the local climate creating a diversity of microclimates allowing greater diversity to be grown on farm.

if you want a consultant who walks the talk than Doc Spice is for you overall one of the most experienced mainframe permaculture designers Australia and one of a very few permaculture designers that install the earthworks they design.


Permaculture Design Consultancy

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