Permaculture Earthworks Design Specialist


Justin Sharman Selvidge

Permaculture Gold Coast

David has the rare ability to create the concept and to see the concept through to the physical reality.  He is an excellent educator with a wide range of experience.David has an incredible pragmatism that allows him to work in any environment and on any budget.  His years of experience include, working with the founders of Permaculture as a valued contributor to some of the flagship PC farms in Australia. July 11, 2013, Justin was David’s client

Tim Barker

Appropriate Technology instructor at Koanga Institute

Dave is the real deal, hardworking with an incredible practical skill set and great at inspiring and drawing out the best in people. If he has a vice it is in not rating himself highly enough. Set Dave on a task and forget it, it’s as good as done.


David has an incredible pedigree: his practical skills are superb (from construction to forestry to food systems and more) and he’s done a lot of work with some of the very best (Mollison, Lawton…). David is committed, shares his knowledge and is a great guy to work with.

September 26, 2012, Tom worked directly with David at Permaculture Works.