Permaculture Earthworks Design Specialist


 [The Bastard from the bush]  

Bill Mollison


David is a mainframe design specialist, majoring in water harvesting and storage earthworks, with over 15 years experience in permaculture design and education, consulting and designing nationally and internationally focusing on practical and cost-effective designs starting with water, Access, Structures, Zones and Sectors integrating concepts of Keyline design, Agro-ecology Farm-forestry systems to provide a solution based service.


David has worked in the permaculture movement for over 15 years. Working with Bill Mollison in Tasmania at the Permaculture Institute as farm manager, facilitator and instructor in education on ground courses. Also working with Geoff Lawton as farm manager at the renowned Tagari farm in northern NSW and as farm manager, facilitator and teacher at Zaytuna farm the home of the Permaculture Research Institute.

Working in International AID project such as the greening the desert in Jordan, instrumental in the setup of PRI Morocco, teaching in Palestine with acclaimed educator Brad Landcaster and working in remote Aboriginal community of Wadeye NT.


Teaching Earthworks
earth surgery toolkit
forestry coures
Surveying Contours
PDC Morocco
Level-sill spillway

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